Digital 28-Day Meal Plan

Digital 28-Day Meal Plan

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This is the Digital version of the 28-Day Meal Plan. This 28-Day plan is realistic, simple and sustainable. It will teach you in detail how I create my meal plans so that you can create your own days based on your preferences, intolerances, and lifestyle. This plan includes a recipe book with 7 of my go-to recipes in the front-- (recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & snacks for 28 days are also be included), a vegetarian day, a gluten-free day, fast food options for busy days, days that teach you how to repeat meals to save on time and groceries, 

3 different food charts with different calories goals and food group breakdowns so that you can fill in what you want to eat throughout the day to create your own days, and master weekly grocery lists. This plan is geared to help you lose weight (or tone up if you pair it with your exercise routine) in a realistic way that works. 

Product is an automatic download.  It will appear after purchase as a download on my site and then be sent in an email within a few hours.  If you have an issue with the format or download shoot me an email: and I will take care of you!  

Since my downloads cannot be returned all sales are final. 

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