Digital 8-Week Workout Guide

Digital 8-Week Workout Guide

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This is the digital version of the 8-Week Workout Guide.
These workouts consist of three resistance workouts per week: Upper body, Lower body, and Core. The only equipment required for each is a set of dumbbells ranging from 7-10 lbs. For beginners, I suggest using 7-8 lb weights and increasing rep count if you want more of a burn. (When I completed these workouts I only used 10 lb weights and performed all workouts at home after having the twins.)

These workouts are structured to increase intensity as the beginner progresses; this is achieved through increasing speed and rounds along with push-it challenges.

No matter your fitness level these workouts will appeal to you. Each workout consists of 2 round lasting 15 minutes each, if that is too overwhelming there is an option to do each set of exercises 2 times through.

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